Devco6ix investment opportunities are a unique offering of community-centered real  estate projects that generate long term social   and financial returns, enabled by:

  • Finding opportunities for below market acquisition, including unused, underused, and government.
  • Funding opportunities through a blend of vendor investment, private equity, and crowdfunding.
  • see Hearing stakeholder input from existing residents, prospective users,  and city planners.

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Be part of the dialogue as we work towards the future. Stay in touch with us through our monthly newsletter and receive invitations to our city meetings, community planning sessions and corporate events.

Our investors are diverse, and include international institutional investors, private equity and individuals who are part of our unique crowdsourcing platform. Learn more about Devco6ix investment opportunities through our newsletter, attend an investor event, or schedule a meeting with us one-on-one.

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Devco6ix believes it is possible to develop real estate projects that have “Community”. Although we possess unique advantages that enable us to successfully and profitably develop our projects, our rigorous approach is also applied to the social aspect of Community.

Devco6ix is a unique developer because our primary motivation is not profit. Our evaluative criteria not only include profit metrics, but also social metrics, which we believe are actually more important.