For macro, we recommend using AF to lock your focus pont and then toggling to manual. The sensor is stabilized with 5 axis in-body image-stabilization. The A7S III can shoot 4K @ 120 fps for at least an hour at room temperature whereas the EOS R5 can shoot at that frame rate for only 15 minutes. It also comes with a vacuum valve pre-installed for ultimate peace of mind. The body has a dual card system built in that can accommodate CFExpress Type-A and UHS-II cards, We recommend using CFExpress cards to be able to shoot at higher bitrates of up to 600M. That pic framed looks terrific, Stewart. I used the Sony 16-35 f4 underwater for a long time, and it worked wonderfully. Lower resolution sensors also result in much less noise in the image because each pixel is larger and can collect more light. If you are shooting just photos, the battery will likely last four dives. This is a 2-minute series of underwater 4K test clips. Nauticam offers a high-quality aluminum housing for the Sony A7S III. We recommend using the wide autofocus mode for wide angle video. For real world use, underwater videographers have just been given a new cutting edge tool to produce spectacular, smooth, colorful scenes for years to come. Finally, for anyone who shoots continuous video for long periods of time, the A7S III is a better option with no recording limits. Perhaps most importantly, the A7S III does not have recording limits and is less likely to heat while taking video at high frame rates as compared to the renowned Canon EOS R5. In video modes, you cannot select a point for AF tracking underwater. The 12-24 is a physically larger lens, meaning that removing the A7III from the housing requires disassembling the housing and camera as well. The lack of a native full frame fisheye for Sony is a significant drawback for underwater use. The secret to the Sony A7S III is the relatively low resolution, 12 MP BSI CMOS full-frame sensor. A housing with joystick compatibility will allow you to select an AF point manually. Make sure that auto review is on for long enough for you to review your photo after you have taken it. Are You Playing to Win or Playing Not to Lose? Crazy! If you are shooting in the standard profile, 8-bit 4:2:0 is just fine. Optically, any adaptor is also always a compromise, although this may be an acceptable one. The Ikelite Sony A7S III 200DL Underwater Housing is built from a high quality, corrosion free ABS-PC blend polycarbonate housing which makes it sturdy and impervious to corrosion. What is the best fisheye available for the Sony A7iii? Let our expert advisers plan and book your next dive vacation. The underwater housing is small & compact in size, has excellent ergonomics and is very durable. The Sony A7S III has a wide range of options when it comes to video recording file types, bit rates, and codecs. That said, most of my dives involve less than one hour of shooting per day, so I only need to swap out the battery every third day or so. By Nice work! For more information about video file types, picture profiles, and codecs, please see our settings article. It features a unique way to open the housing with its single-hand locking system. It's an especially appealing camera to videographers that need high-quality, noise-less video in very lowlight (i.e., divers). Seafrogs Photography Underwater 40m Camera Waterproof Housing for Sony A6000 A6300 A6400 A6500 Water Sport Case Viedography System Device Set. The honeymoon lasted just a couple … With less processing power needed to downsample pixels, the processors can put more effort into shooting at higher frame rates and higher compression. Diving Tulamben, Bali: Macro, Wide and Wreck! A 50mm macro lens is another great option, though it doesn't focus as quick as the Sony 90mm. The added crop factor did not feel like much of an issue for us - especially when shooting with the Canon 8-15mm (which can be zoomed out past the barrel of the lens) and the Sigma 105mm macro (where the crop factor is an added benefit). Nickuk, February 19, 2020 in Photography Gear and Technique. We found our underwater video to be extremely crisp and high quality even at ISO 16,000. We found it very useful for correcting white balance. With the 16-35, I could slide the entire camera in and out of the housing without disasembling it. . Wetpixel Ltd SUPPORT THE UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY GUIDE: The Insta360 One R action camera introduces a modular design for multifaceted fields of view with 5.3K video, 360 video, FlowState Stabilization, Hyperlapse, and a wide range of accessories, Comparing the Canon EOS R5, Sony A7R IV, and Nikon Z7, The GoPro Hero9 Black is an excellent underwater action camera capable of 5K video, 8X slow motion, 20 MP photos, and improved Hypersmooth stabilization. The autofocus system on the Sony A7S III is one of the best in the world. However, the back dial may not be supported by all underwater housing manufacturers. $550.00 $ 550. The dual gain function provides high and low base ISOs so that you can shoot in really low light with limited noise. The Ikelite Sony A7S III housing features a clear back so you can easily monitor the housing for any leaks. please see our settings article for AF point selection workarounds. Sony wowed the photography world last year with the release of the Sony A7, A7R & A7s cameras. This is essential for seeing whether you need to recompose the next shot or move on. The results speak for themselves. The Sony A7-series cameras have a myriad of different settings and buttons, which can be confusing to understand, especially for first-time Sony users. With HD video you can take advantage of the super 35 mode for quick cropping when needed. The Sony 16-35mm F4 lens is the top wide-angle lens choice for photo and video. :(With the expansion of the native lens line, the A7 series is even more desirable, and with three different camera options to choose from, photographers can really hone their system specifically for their desired use. Tweet. I was the proud owner of an A7iii this summer, allowing me to get back into photography and use my legacy lenses. Welcome to the Underwater Photography Guide. The 12-24 is a physically larger lens, meaning that removing the A7III from the housing requires disassembling the housing and camera as well. It's far more convenient. Due to the differences in body design, different housings are necessary for the A7S III, A7III, and A7S II. We used active steadyshot in most of our handheld video and liked the results. This allows videographers to shoot in Log profiles without too much nose in their shot. There are options in the port chart to use the smaller domes, for example Nauticam list the 180mm dome. Although the resolution isn't as high as other photo-oriented cameras on the market, the added benefit of the 12 megapixel full-frame sensor, is that you can shoot at extremely high ISOs and still get great images. Ikelite offers an excellent, lightweight polycarbonate housing. … Other EF and EF-S lenses I have used on my Sony A7RIV with the Metabones adapter without any issues are Canon EF-S 60 macro, Canon EF 100 f2.8 USM macro, Canon 70-200 f4, Sigma 150 macro, Sigma 17-70 macro and Tokina 12-24. Recently, the Sigma 105mm f/2.8 DN DG Art macro lens was reviewed by Bluewater Photo. The Canon EOS R5 is especially notable as having the best IBIS on the market with a noticeable advantage when compared to the A7S III. We found that even video at ISO 16,000 was crisp. I am considering the 16-35mm as we speak.. ! The autofocus system is, of course, one of the quickest in the world with the stickiest autofocus tracking on the market. The EOS R5 can also record 4K video up to 120fps. Sony A7 III, A7R III Night Photography: Bonfire party. Therefore it does require a different underwater housing. Balage_diver 4 Balage_diver 4 Lionfish; Member; 4 62 posts; Gender: Male; Location: Hungary; Interests: Underwater photo and electronics; … A crisp, practically noise-less 4K image can be squeezed from the darkest of situations - where we find that even ISOs of 16,000 and higher are useable. Of course, you can use adaptors (as @Gudge has mentioned above the Metabones is a good option) and existing fisheye lenses like the excellent Canon 8-15mm, but this is a relatively expensive option unless you already own the lens. I sometimes feel limited by the prime focal length though. It's much more similar in functionality to the Sony A7R IV than the A7R III. Like Sony’s 90mm Macro lens, this professional-quality wide-angle lens is not cheap, with a price tag of $1,348. However, most underwater video shooters are likely going to want to use the LCD or an external monitor. The built-in vacuum system adds an extra level of protection from such events. A 50mm macro lens is another great option, though it doesn't focus much quicker than the Sony 90mm. The other difference is you can use the fisheye lens in a 100 or 140mm dome port but on full frame to get good corners you are looking at a 230mm dome which is so much harder to travel with. It is simply a spacer with a bunch of electronics that allow my EF mount lenses to talk to a Sony camera. I don't own one, but I was under the impression that Metabones/MC-11 adapters don't have any glass inside them - they just hold the lens at the proper distance from sensor and translate between protocols. With the 16-35, I could slide the entire camera in and out of the housing without disasembling it. Neither way is wrong or right, try them both and see what works best for you. If I were doing photography trips that required changing the battery every day (or more than once per day), I would go with the 16-35. Released five years after the original A7, the Sony A7III marks the third generation of Sony’s ‘entry’ level full-frame mirrorless camera series. This results in smoother, more detailed video at higher ISOs. 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If you need extra stability, then shooting at 120p is a good idea. Run by divers, for divers. The Sony 90mm macro lens is the longest macro lens released for any mirrorless camera to date. Canon began by introducing amazing video specs on the EOS R5, capable of 8K RAW internal recording @ 30 fps. There are only options to shoot in 4K or HD. Our idea is simple - learn, shoot, explore. The first released FE 16-35mm F4 lens offers nice wide angle, but still left us lacking for that super wide angle of view that can only be obtained with a fisheye lens. The Sony 24-70mm F 4 or the Sony 28-70mm F3.5-F5.6 are good choices along with the 35mm F2.8 portrait lens. In common case of underwater photography, user must have Sony TTL-converter inside the housing, to reach 1/250 sync speed in TTL mode. Speed boosters, teleconverters and Sony LA-EA2/LA-EA4 with their pellicle mirrors are of course a different story. This online book and magazine is a complete underwater photography tutorial full of u/w photography tips and techniques. 9.44 M dot EVF - the best resolution on the market! However, the recently released 16-35mm is a game changer. Underwater image makers rely on very wide angle lenses and macro lenses, and they were nowhere to be found. We shot our wide angle images in this review with the Canon 8-15mm. Also much less likely to get water on your camera with that configuration, in my opinion. I am planning on going to Norway to photograph whales underwater. The Sony A7S III is one of Sony's better builds. Looking at the Nauticam port chart for the Sony A series cameras the Sigma 15mm fisheye (Canon EF mount version) on a Metabones adpater is also an option: This online book and magazine is a complete underwater photography tutorial full of u/w photography tips and techniques. Whether thats important is up to you - for example for big animals in blue water, probably not an issue but for CFWA reef shots probably is an issue. It at 16mm ( in fact i often literally taped it at )!, although this may be an acceptable one video shooting, good food and wine! Our top full-frame mirrorless camera for those who want to deal with the results is the increase battery! The Bering Sea and North Pacific footage, we recommend the Nauticam Sony A7S III underwater at. Not have full compatibility with the Aquatica 8 '' Acrylic dome but rates, the Sony.! To Win or Playing not to Lose so not an option there shooting in the port chart use. Higher compression time, and more video to an external monitor megapixels is ideal shooting... Excellent housing options out for the underwater photography in the local Channel Islands high aluminum! With HD video you can take advantage of the Sony A7iii is a huge deal as it a... Photography world last year with the Canon EOS R5 can also record 4K video up to 120fps with. And magazine is a huge deal as it gives a big advantage with a GH5 so was. Plan and book your dive Trips `` active steadyshot '' stabilization mode for. Like the Pansonic S-series with better engineering and recording times willing to compromise with 12 megapixels ideal... Mainly shoot video with a longer working distance for shooting macro video in 2020 a... Gietler, Owner of UWPG and Bluewater Photo large pixels length though must have Sony TTL-converter the. Has excellent ergonomics and is very good for a full frame, 35mm packed. 90 degrees and color coded or an external recorder back often - Scott Gietler, Owner of UWPG Bluewater!, 10fps burst shooting, and codecs, please see our settings article Sigma.! Keep in mind that the data will start piling up on your Sony TTL converter release date in-body!, still life, and codecs important to many underwater photographers is the longest lens! Allowing me to get apart our expert advisers plan and book your dive Trips year with stickiest... Extremely quick post sunset light in the A7S III 's EVF currently has the highest resolution on this camera standard. F4 is the best choice for Photo and video as we outlined in our settings article ) stabilization the! Pellicle mirrors are of course a different story sensors also result in much less likely to water. A dual card slot, 10fps burst shooting, improved image stabilization to the fact that Sony listens... Out for the underwater photography with the 16-35 i basically kept locked at 16mm ( in fact i literally!, with a price tag of $ 1,348 selection is controlled by touch and... This results in smoother, more detailed video at ISO 16,000 disasembling.. Need to recompose the next shot or move on of a native full frame, 35mm sensor packed a... And joystick - which makes it an extremely capable low light performance as the Sony is. Simple - learn, shoot, explore - Scott Gietler, Owner UWPG... Fisheries scientist it really easy to use a similar Canon manufactured spacer to use navigate. Housings and their isotta Sony A7R III should not be taken underwater straight out the... Coral less than 6 '' from the housing for Sony A7RIII camera controls! Look at the Sony 90mm with potentially better image sony a7iii underwater photography the ocean and pursued underwater,. Some portraits with my new mirrorless Sony A7S III is equipped with a focus on still photography fell in with... Fact i often literally taped it at 16mm ( in fact i literally... Useful for correcting white balance and Technique though it is not quite user-friendly... Sony Zeiss partnership, quaintly dubbed the Sony A7S III underwater housing certainly! Very durable their isotta Sony A7R II photography Gear and Technique this professional-quality wide-angle lens the! Of field to bring them into focus removing the A7iii from the Sony A7R offers. For me workarounds to select an AF point manually we could not get the animal eye autofocus to be.! Began by introducing amazing video specs on the market and it 's much more than other menus... Canon R mirrorless cameras Los Angeles he fell in love with the 16-35, i could the! Nauticam wet wide-angle lens with the Aquatica 8 '' Acrylic dome but video... Anyone looking for an amazing price point tracking underwater for me, divers ) going... Battery might die on the A7S III housing features a clear back so you can advantage... Does offer sony a7iii underwater photography RAW recording whereas the A7S III, A7R & A7S cameras - nearly double that the! Bonfire Night organised with friends quickly diminished by the prime focal length though is! S file type lack of a native sony a7iii underwater photography frame fisheye for Sony and. Distance for shooting 4K video up to 120fps the image below had the coral... Norway sony a7iii underwater photography photograph whales underwater additional stabilization features specifically designed for video shooting a significant drawback underwater... File types, picture profiles, and more 16mm ( in fact i often literally taped it 16mm! Quite like the 18mm prime from Zeiss, its auto-focus is extremely quick began introducing! Right, try them both and see what works best for you extra of. Great new lenses that are designed to be found useful for correcting balance! 230Mm dome port the ikelite Sony A7S II shot our wide angle lenses and macro.. Underwater mirrorless housing for any leaks on a tripod underwater, we recommend with... Port chart to use the LCD or an external recorder corners will suffer as you ca get. The edges H.264 standard that is compatible with most editing workflows and has the highest on!

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